Thick Veggie Salad

Thick Veggie Salad


Sometimes you just crave a big ol’ salad, amirite? But it doesn’t have to be a wimpy one with two toppings on it. I like my salads packed FULL of veggies. Whatever I have in the fridge or pantry is what’s going in my salad. It’s good to have a nice balance of protein and carbs in there too so you’re not left hungry. This salad will fill you right up without feeling heavy afterwards.

Try it out-

  • mixed greens on the bottom

  • 1/4 avocado (go for a half if you’re feelin’ it)

  • roasted sweet potato slices*

  • roasted chickpeas*

  • roasted onion*

  • sliced red pepper

  • corn (sliced off the cob)

  • hard boiled egg

  • salmon burger (I got mine from Aldi in the frozen section), or you can substitute with sliced chicken breast, veggie burger, whatever you want.

And that’s it! Top with your favorite dressing, BOOM, dinner is served.

I used the recipe for the roasted sweet potatoes, chickpeas and onion from Tasty here.

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