For the longest time I’ve been trying to figure out what my passion is. I’ve come to realize I am not passionate about just one thing. My interests are scattered all over the place. I love food, cooking food, art, creating art, design; the list goes on. I am consistently trying out new hobbies and new recipes and teaching myself new things.

Growing up in rural Upstate New York with my parents and three older brothers made me grateful for quite literally everything in my life. The fact that we grew up in a humble home next to the woods, creek, and garden taught me to appreciate my surroundings, to make use of them, and to be creative.

My unique and eclectic taste is reflected in everything I make, derived from a diverse family background with roots in Ecuador. With guidance from my parents, I was raised to respect the earth, and bring out its beauty in everything I make; whether it be a meal or a handmade weaving. 

My goal is to inspire you with what I create, and for you to have the confidence to create something yourself. Everyone is creative, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.