Maryanne Moodie Weaving Classes

So for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I was very pleasantly surprised to receive not one, but TWO weaving classes with Maryanne Moodie as gifts from my family and boyfriend. Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled, and couldn't wait to finally meet the woman who was one of the main reasons I started weaving. Her work is absolutely incredible, and her personality is even better.

The classes were held in the Makeshift Society in Brooklyn. A beautiful space filled with natural light, exposed brick walls and an overall airy feeling that made you excited to be there. As soon as I walked in, Maryanne greeted me with a big smile, gave me a hug, and I immediately felt welcomed in that space. She has such a warm and inviting personality, one that I've always appreciated in people, that made the entire day fun and exciting. She was excited to be there, we were excited to be there, it was perfect. 

The Makeshift Society

The Makeshift Society

First up was the Weaving 101 class for Beginners. The tables were adorned with beautiful arrangements by Karma Flowers, our brand new handmade looms, yarn, scissors, weaving needle, warp, and a little instructional booklet created by Maryanne. We were so spoiled. It was amazing. 

Maryanne introduced herself and her lovely assistants, gave us a bit on her background, and then we got started. She would take us to a smaller space a few steps away from our tables and taught us different techniques, then we'd go back to practice them. It was a great set up. Did I mention we were given mimosas? And other sweet treats, as well. I completely broke my "no sugar" rule, but it was well worth it.

Once the morning class ended, those of us that stayed for the afternoon class had a two hour break, then we were back at it! It was extremely inspiring to see Maryanne's work in person. Her technique is so impressive and her color choices are reflective of her personality: bright, beautiful, and fun. 

Maryanne and I. Aren't her weavings out of this world?! 

Maryanne and I. Aren't her weavings out of this world?! 

As I walked in for the afternoon class, I saw more goodies on the tables and I couldn't wait to get started. We sat down, started to warp our looms, and got going! Since this was a Weaving 102 class (the first was a Weaving 101 for beginners) we were told we'd finish a small piece to take home! When we opened our goodie bags, gasps and "oohs" and "aahs" filled the room. We pulled out vintage yarns, gorgeous roving, golden leather, horse hair, and so much more. Again, so spoiled. She also gave us tools made by the same man who made our looms from the beginners class. Shuttles, weaving swords, weaving comb, vintage crochet hooks, to name a few. Amazing! Maryanne taught us even more techniques, and I was excited to take these home and practice. 

Overall, it was the perfect day. I felt like I was in a dream. The entire experience was something I feel so lucky to have been a part of. And I owe a huge THANK YOU to my boyfriend for getting together with my family to surprise me with the best birthday gifts ever. And another massive THANK YOU to Maryanne for being such a delight and someone I hope to spend time with in the future again. I came out of those classes with a head full of new techniques, knowledge, and inspiration. I learned so many things that will save time and make my weaving  process so much smoother. It was great to be surrounded by women who were just as excited to be there and learn from a successful and inspiring woman. This made my love for weaving grow that much more, and I can't wait to see what's next on my journey!

My weaving loot from the day! 

My weaving loot from the day! 

I highly recommend taking Maryanne's classes. And follow her on Instagram! That's how I found her, and it's been a huge inspiration for me. 

"This could be the start of something big..."

After working on a small Lap Loom for a few months, I've decided to upgrade into a much larger loom that I made by hand. Using some wooden stretcher bars and some finishing nails, I made a 26" x 42" loom, which is roughly triple the size of the little Lap Loom I've been using. It's a bit daunting, but it's time to move it on up so I can start making some tapestry weavings!

It's not perfect, but it will do for now. Warping this was a challenge and as I continue to work on it, I'm noticing a few more flaws in the construction, but it's my first so I'll just take it and run with it.

My Mom gave me some roving she had found back at home and I can tell already that I'll be using this a lot more in my future work. The thickness of it has helped my process big time, making the size of the loom not so intimidating. I'll definitely be digging through Etsy to find some more.

I love the textures created by the mix of roving and thinner yarn in my new piece. I think what I like most about weaving, textiles, and art in general, is being able to see the details in the artist's work. You can definitely see that when you look at any weaving. Knowing that it's all created by hand is truly something significant.