Packaging Design

Last week I sent out a couple of my new mini-weavings to two of my friends. This was my first test in shipping my products and first attempt at creating the packaging for them. I've always known the type of experience I want the customer to have from the start. I want it to be personal, inviting; A beautiful gift they are excited to open. 

For my first shipment, I decided wrap the weavings in muslin. To me it has that soft, natural touch while also maintaining the protection I want on the weavings. A handwritten note rests in the muslin as a personal "Thank you" for purchasing one of my products, or just a simple "Hello" if it's a gift. One or two strands of yarn hold it together in a nicely wrapped package with my logo tag attached. The yarn color is matched to one that appears in the customer's woven piece to add that personal/custom touch. 

As I progress I'm sure my approach to the packaging will evolve, but for now, this is what I've got and it seems to work well so far! I'll have to adjust according to the size of the weavings since the larger ones will require more maintenance when it comes to wrapping. My friends seemed to enjoy these little packages and they held up well during the mailing process, so that's a good sign to start!